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I'm a 26-year-old gender fabulous lesbian with a handsome husbando. I like all sorts of things, but consider the Protomen and art dolls/toy monsters to be my enduring fandoms.

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My parents are actually going to be living in Boston by then! Still, considering a hotel for privacy/convenience… who would be up for a hotel-share maybe?

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Assuming everyone wants to still do this project discussed here and here.  I’m kind of roughing up these guidelines because I hadn’t realized this would become a big thing that lots of people would want to do. /o\  If anyone has other ideas please let me know.

Join us to write your very own LGBTQ-centric fairy tale!  They will be collected… somehow… into an anthology (online probably, unless we can somehow get the funds to put it into a book but IDK how we’d go about that).  I’ll be primary editor and keep a list of who’s participating and what kind of stories they’re writing.  Drop me an ask if you wish to participate and I’ll add you to the list!

Guidelines for Writers

  1. To get your writing prompt, select two motifs from the Aarne-Thompson Classification List (listed on Wiki, with a selection of examples of some here) and combine them to create your main plot.  Hopefully this will keep us pretty diverse with all those options.  When you send your participation ask, also let me know which motifs you picked.  I’ll let you know if, for whatever reason, someone’s got something similar going on already, so you can try something different.
  2. Acknowledging full well that lots of traditional fairy tales get pretty violent or graphic, I’m thinking we should try to err on the Hans Christian Anderson-to-Disney side of things.  As in, aim for more child friendly than less (some dark elements of course acceptable!)  This way we can keep some sort of equilibrium of tone between tales.  Also, hypothetically, might be nice to just have some LGBTQ fairy tales to read to children in accepting households?
  3. You don’t really need to write anything too terribly long.  If you can convey your story in just 2-3 pages, do so!  Most fairy tales are pretty short and snappy.
  4. I’m going to put a TENTATIVE due date of April 10th for stories.  This may change.

Guidelines for Artists

  1. Shoot me an ask to let me know if you would like to volunteer to illustrate!  You will be paired with a writer at random.  You may then get into contact with them in order to make arrangements and such.
  2. If we have more writers than illustrators, some people may be paired up multiple times.  Please let me know if you are available to do multiples or if you just want one.  It may be the case that we don’t get enough illustrators to illustrate every story, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.
  3. Illustrations due April 24th (approx. 2 weeks after the last stories are due).  Again, this may change.

I hope this works for most people?  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know.

To keep track of updates, feel free to follow the “queers fairytales” tag.

Four illustrators and two writers so far!

Still waiting for more writers!  In addition, I’d also be interested to know what sexualities/gender identities you guys are using for your characters!  It’d be good to get a feel for how much diversity we’ve got going.

The amount of writers and illustrators has finally evened out, but we can still use more volunteers on either side!  Help out by reblogging and spreading the word!

Wolf Squad, we have some badass writers. Get on this!

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Maybe with some little wolf puppies on it. Would anybody be interested in receiving that kind of thing?

  • Any new Protobros/squad members who might like to join a Protoverse-based RP and community forum, complete with drabbles and soon the openings for various AU discussions and rambling and writing and little pips that are Protoman helmets, we’re not done with the re-vamp but you’re welcome to come make an account in preparation!
  • Huntress, your posts are intact despite my stupidity, thank god. If you re-register everything will be fine.
  • Arrow and whomever else I deleted by accident, you had no posts, and the same thing.
  • Spambots, you are deleted, why do you have goddamn birthdays. Fuck you guys, seriously.
  • Google and Baidu, whatever you are you have never been an issue so I guess you can stick around and index our silliness
  • I have no will left to write/amend posts after cleaning up 1,700 spambots in batches of 20. Further updates to come when I am less blarggg.
  • Wraised out.


It looks like arrow, Huntress, and one other legit account I can’t figure out (whose username starter with letters alphabetically before “id”) just got deleted by mistake. I’M REALLY SORRY. Please go sign up again! And please don’t hate me forever!

Arrow, I found your account in the unconfirmed pile and went ahead and activated you properly so you wouldn’t lose your account.

guthwine-anduril answered your question: WOLF SQUADRON!
What you’ve mentioned sounds good enough. All it needs is just an activity kick and I’ll jump right back in. Though perhaps a proper plot?
guthwine-anduril replied to your post: WOLF SQUADRON!
when I say plot I really mean just a story or two that the whole squad can get involved in so we can get a bit more character interaction of the OC’s going. Something like that. Idk you can probably think of that better than me.

We’re talking about maybe setting up some world-wide events with quick write-ups that leave a lot of opportunities for other people to interact—i.e., “Wily’s media tour is coming up in x number of days, and the Resistance plans to interrupt it at points y and z. Blah blah plans and scheming.” and then it’s open as an event for people to play with different parts of, you know?

oneandtwotogether answered your question: WOLF SQUADRON!
Maybe something everyone can get involved in! Or chances to RP with some of the canon characters? (Just ideas idk)

Seems like this is what everyone’s thinking. I like it. I’ll have to talk to Silencing about the canon interactions, since my main character is up top not talking to rebel scum, but I think we can definitely find a way :3

crowbegottenbatman answered your question: WOLF SQUADRON!
All of this is excellent (also getting rid of all the spambot accounts in the system would be A+ because last I checked there were like 1700)
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Also everything everyone else said.


But I shall see what I can do, my lovelies. (At least they can’t post?)

Silencing and I are being bad fearless leaders and have been neglecting the forums due to moving and jobs and other lame excuses. We want to amp that shit back up. But we need YOUR HELP to do that.

I laid out the forum based on my own personal ideals of how an RP forum might look. It is not really as functional as I’d hoped, and I totes understand people not hanging around there because I’m not either. So I need to know what kinds of things your guys would want to see there!

Changes under discussion:

  • Being less strict about commentary. There should still be no OOC comments in active threads, but once a scene is finished or a one-shot drabble is posted, everyone is welcome to come in and drool/cry/manly pats on the back. Also we can totes discuss character profiles in their threads, I only didn’t want that because I don’t want anyone to feel bad if theirs don’t get as many comments as others, okay?
  • Moar discussion. I want to invite everyone to come and also bring their AUs and crazy!
  • Probably going to pull the GoJ section, as it’s already well-indexed and easy to read. No point in reposting which we haven’t done anyways.


We’re seeing our heroes on Wednesday at Santo’s Party Haus here in NYC, and we’ve been figuring out how to be there in our helmets and our jackets and all and it’s just occurred to me that I kind of want to spike my head and paint my face and go as Wraised instead of a cool but anonymous Proto.

But it’s cold out and that means we can do our costumes at a show without dying and that doesn’t happen often (unless it’s still super heated inside, there’s no way to know in advance but the chances seem better now than they were in July).

But I want Panther or Commander to remember me from the Act I vinyl release show.

Halp what do I do.

When I’m at work (most of the day M-F), I use GTalk under the radar and much chatting and RPing and shenanigans ensues. If you have GTalk and are online during the day, you should totally say hey. It is much fun. If you don’t already know my email, hit up my ask and I’ll share!


Freezer Burn has a classier hat than you (unless you are Dr. Wily.)
I got an eyeliner pencil for use on my halloween costume (hint: I’ll be scrawling a giant-ass W), and decided to test it out on my Protomen OC/alterego/thing. :D Sorry for shitty-ass image quality.

Welcome to Wolf Squadron, soldier!
Our base is called the Fourth Floor Basement even though it’s actually on the third floor. And if you shoot me an ask with a basic clothing description, I’d love to draw Freezer Burn for you!


Freezer Burn has a classier hat than you (unless you are Dr. Wily.)

I got an eyeliner pencil for use on my halloween costume (hint: I’ll be scrawling a giant-ass W), and decided to test it out on my Protomen OC/alterego/thing. :D Sorry for shitty-ass image quality.

Welcome to Wolf Squadron, soldier!

Our base is called the Fourth Floor Basement even though it’s actually on the third floor. And if you shoot me an ask with a basic clothing description, I’d love to draw Freezer Burn for you!

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LGkjndfjklgndfjkg oh my god OH MY GOD

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Your praise sustains me.

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how does one become wolf squad? can i be wolf squad? firegrowshigher and i have codenames and everything! also fucking badasssss

You’re both totally welcome! Wolf Squadron is our faction within the Resistance, much like the Chamethrawers of the forum world. We banded together initially around The Gospel of Judas, a lengthy fic written collaboratively by Silencing and myself. The current roll call is up here, or at least I think it’s current, Silencing maintains it, and I’ve been drawing little pictures of everybody for a while now.

It’s fun! Mostly we all write and talk crazy theories and have webcam parties on tinychat. Pretty badass stuff. All you need is a code name and warpaint, and you’re good to go!

Also we generally write and distribute porn as a sign of affection.

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Dude your story is awesome. Jack’s best friend is a steampunk cowboy from the future named Sam Quatrain who was sent to the past to kill a woman who I am currently naming Edith Keeler.

Dear all of Wolf Squad: Crow is setting a good example. Write awesome shit for NaNoWriMo so we can all keep being amazing together.